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One of the best parts of what I do is hearing that I've made a real difference. It always brings a smile to my face to know I've helped someone change their ways for the better, or shown them an opportunity they wouldn't have found on their own. I often say that successful trading isn't a secret, it's a formula. And it's a great feeling to see everyday people making those words a reality. 

Members of my Motion Trader service come from many walks of life. From professionals and business owners, to stay at home mums and self funded retires, it's inspiring to hear their stories and be part of their financial journey. 

Motion Trader plays two important roles: Firstly, we use algorithms to identify when to buy and sell ASX stocks. This helps members trade with consistency and with less emotion. Secondly, I explain how the process works. This promotes confidence, skill, and makes my strategies, your strategies.

In short, there are no secrets — just a systematic and repeatable process.  

But you need to be sceptical these days. There are so many unrealistic claims and promises out there. Often made by people with dubious experience who don't follow their own advice. So rather than take my word for it, I want you to hear from people who know Motion Trader from the inside.

You can listen to some of their stories below. I'd really like to help you in the same way. 

Jason McIntosh | Founder, Motion Trader 

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The systematic approach has been a big winner for me

John loves the daily buy signals and says he now owns stocks he never would have found. But the biggest thing for him is the ongoing training and mentoring.

Removing emotion from investing has been another key factor for John. He says he's now calm and relaxed knowing he has predefined exit points, and that he's achieving the goals he needs to achieve.

It's a lot smarter for me to be involved like this

Two problems that Motion Trader solves for Andrew are that it tells him when to sell and removes the emotion. He also sleeps better knowing that he doesn't need to look at his portfolio every day.

Best of all, Andrew says he can concentrate on his job and the things he does well, while being confident Motion Trader is giving him buy and sell signals when he needs them.

From haphazard and inconsistent to knowing precisely what to do

Ian says he really likes Motion Trader's style: It's backtested, consistent, algorithmic, and it deals with different market conditions.

He also appreciates the openness of the service and that there aren't any secrets. This means that Ian knows exactly what it's going to do for him.

As Nike says: Just Do It

Bob says there's been so many unrealistic promises made to people about buying stocks to quickly make them rich. He believes all this "noise" holds many people back.

But after years as a financial planner, Bob says that he's developed the skill to zero in on what really works, and for him, it's Motion Trader.

I've been liberated from my old gambling habits  

"If you want to make money consistently, then you have to follow the rules. And that's what Motion Trader is all about." Peter says it's been like doing a diploma in successfully trading the stock market.  

He also notes that he wouldn't find 1% of the stock ideas on his own. This has helped him consistently build his portfolio, and make significant gains, despite the market downturns. 

There's no way I would have made it on my own!

Getting involved with Motion Trader was is best thing for Leon. But it was more than getting winning stock ideas. Leon says Motion Trader inspired him... he immerse himself in the markets when he would have otherwise quit.

I've found a language and approach that really suits me 

Bernadette says trend following and Motion Trader are her Holly Grail, and she feels lucky to have found them early in her trading life. 

She also notes that Motion Trader has given her lots of knowledge and skill. The approach seems so logical to Bernadette, that she says it "speaks" to her.

If I stick to the system, I know it's going to perform 

Chris says that Motion Trader has made a huge difference in his life and to his financial future.

He also says the system worked really well for him during the Covid period, in terms of getting out and then getting back in when the trends were coming back. 

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