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By Jason McIntosh | Founder, Motion Trader

What do successful investors have in common?

Many people say the answer involves their formula for buying shares. Others believe success has to do with a special ability to see opportunities that others don’t.

While these factors certainly contribute to success, they aren’t the answer.

So, what are the magic ingredients?

Let me tell you…

They’re: confidence and belief.

This is true of all types of investors. They could use technical or fundamental analysis, be value or growth focused, or use trend following or contrarian strategies.

No matter what their approach, success comes down to two things:

1. Confidence in their process, and
2. The belief to stick with it (in good times and bad).

Many of Motion Trader’s members fit the above category. They understand the process and know what to expect from it. This helps them get the most from the service.

Naturally, I want all members to share the same confidence and belief.

But this takes time to develop.

Few people join a service brimming with belief. In fact, many are sceptical. And for good reason. The financial world is full of promoters who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.

I do several things to hopefully build members' confidence and belief…

Firstly, I don’t just tell them when to buy and sell. I also explain the process. Understanding how the entry and exit signals are generated is central to developing confidence.

Another thing I do is share my experience. This could be via the weekly Q&A, the video tutorials, or my market outlook videos. I want members to make my ways, their way.

But I believe the most important thing I can do is to follow my own advice.

When members action a Motion Trader signal, they know that I’m using the same process for my own portfolio. I’m not just talking the talk… I’m also walking the walk.

In a moment, I'll give you an inside view of my real life portfolio. And hopefully start building your confidence in the service.

But first, a bit of background…

Walking the walk


On 28 September 2015, I put $500,000 into a new trading account. My aim was to build a real life track record using a system that’s almost identical to what I offer publicly.

The only difference is my use of time exits for stocks that don’t perform. This is a more aggressive strategy, which typically results in more losing trades.

But in short, I’ll sell a stock if it isn’t in profit after 60 trading days. I can then rotate the capital into a new opportunity. This works for me, but the lower win rate isn’t for everyone.

Apart from that, I use the same calculations as members.

Okay, here’s how my portfolio is tracking:

The graph shows my total profit (excluding the $500,000 starting capital). It includes all my open and closed trades, dividends, franking credits, and brokerage charges.

Please note that the numbers aren’t audited. Human error is always a possibility. But my tax returns use the same information, so I believe that it’s materially correct.

Successful share portfolios typically zig-zag their way higher. It’s rarely a smooth ride. Periods of rising prices invariably lead to pullbacks and lulls in activity.

My portfolio is a case in point…

It’s easy to see the big sweeping rise in profits. But look at the setbacks along the way. Winning is as much about sticking to your system as it is about picking the right stocks.

And that’s why confidence and belief are so important. They help you stay the course during the difficult periods — an essential factor in coming out the other side.

Now let me show you the data behind the graph:

These are my current open positions (put your curser over the table and scroll down).

All the stocks are from Motion Trader's portfolios. You can click on each stock to see my buy and sell history, and you can sort the columns by clicking on the headings.

Now here’s the really interesting bit…

The graph and tables update each day. This means you can look inside my portfolio and see how it’s going whenever you like.

Why do I publish this information? 

Well, I want you to see that I have confidence and belief in the Motion Trader process. And in turn, I hope this gives you the confidence to consider my service.

As I often say to members: Good trading isn't a secret... it's a formula. 

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Meet Jason

I'm Jason McIntosh, the creator of Motion Trader. My career began in 1991 on the trading floor at Bankers Trust. Nowadays, I trade my own systems from home in Sydney. 

Motion Trader is for investors who value robust analysis, data driven entry and exit signals, commentary, and education. I use engineered algorithms to identify when to buy and sell ASX stocks. No biases or guesswork, just data driven signals.